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This is a discussion group on sociocracy, a collaborative governance method based on consent decision-making. Members of the list include professionals who train and do consulting in sociocracy around the world and beginners who are just discovering this method of governance.

Sociocracy has its base in cybernetics and Quaker decision-making and is used globally in businesses and organizations in at least 10 languages including Hindi, Korean, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, and all the English variations. Much work is being done in India. 

The group was started in 2002 and has an international membership base. For many subscribers English is not the primary language. This can cause confusion so don't take offense at a question or response that seems abrupt or overly dogmatic. The tone may be completely unintended.

Enjoy and don't be timid about asking questions or raising concerns. The only stupid question is the one not asked.


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